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      Enterprise Culture SystemLocation:Home-> Culture·Harmonious > Enterprise Culture System

      Xinfengming culture (Overview):

      Corporate culture plays an active role in the internal cohesion and external competitiveness of an enterprise. In essence, the competition of enterprises is the competition of different corporate cultures. We have a tentative idea which regards "management, innovation" as the core, " quality, power" as the pursuit in the early stage of developing the Group. After more than ten years of effort and practice, especially the employment of a professor in Zhejiang Institute of Technology in 2002 as cultural consultant, the Group gradually built a cultural system. The idea was optimized by management institutions of Zhejiang University in 2011, and gradually formed a Xinfengming cultural system whose core spirit is " unity, stability, pragmatism, innovation ".

      Corporate Culture System

      Mission: providing quality fibers, creating quality life
      Vision: to be the most professional chemical fiber manufacturer

      Spirit: unity, stability, pragmatism, innovation;
      Doctrine: honesty brings forth harmony, innovation roots in pragmatism;
      Management Notion: humanization, scientification, institutionalization, professionalism;
      The talented Concept: value honesty and harmony, respect and treasure the talented;
      Quality Principle: strive for high quality, innovate superior fibers;
      Security Belief: accidents stem from negligence, security comes from standardization.